Occasionally slates will slip down a roof, causing rainwater to penetrate into the building. This may possibly be due to incorrect fixing of the slate and can easily be fixed back into position. With frequent maintenance like this you can prolong the life span of your roof and stop any damage occurring to the roof timbers on your property and further damage inside.

In many cases if your roof is suffering nail corrosion (nail sick) then a re-roof is by far the best option. There are many options of slates to pick from most common is a man made fibre cement slate but there and many great naturals slates from Wales, Spain, Brazil, China and many more. Also if you have a roof with a natural slate, but is in need of a re-roof then in most cases the slates can be salvaged and reused keeping the cost to you at a minimum.

We will do our utmost to give you our honest and professional opinion in what is the best course of action for you.