Single Ply Membrane Flat Roofing

Armourplan SM
Armourplan SM is a polyester-reinforced PVC single ply roofing membrane suitable for use in a wide range of roofing applications on both flat and sloping roofs. The membrane can be installed onto most common substrates and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment installations and for specialist applications such as simulated metal roofs.
Armourplan SM can be either mechanically fixed using suitable IKOfix fastenings or fully adhered and forms a sleek skin on many types of roof application. All overlaps are heat welded using suitable hot-air welding equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Good UV resistance and durability
  • Good mechanical properties and product performance
  • Efficient and safe installation
  • Secure seam welding quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Complete range of fixings and accessories available

Armourplan SG is a polyester fleece-backed PVC membrane suitable for partially or fully adhesive bonding to flat or sloping roofs.
Armourplan SG sheets are partially or fully bonded to the substrate using Armourplan Contact Adhesive. Lap joints in the sheets are welded with a hot air gun.
Armourplan SG can be installed onto the following substrates:

  • Plywood, oriented strand board or timber boarding
  • Smooth concrete
  • Profiled galvanised steel
  • Woodwool slab
  • PIR Insulation
  • Both products come with a 20 year manufactures guarantee.